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Selection Process


An individual interested in employment with the VADOC should complete a State employment application online and submit it to the vacancy of interest. Click here for instructions on how to apply.

Human Resources reviews all applications received for a particular vacancy. This process identifies those who qualify for further consideration for the position. Each application is reviewed for documentation that shows the applicant meets the minimum qualifications and then the preferred qualifications stated in the job announcement. This review is based on the actual narrative provided by the applicant, not on the basis of job titles listed.


Once screening is complete, Human Resources provides the Hiring Manager with a list of the most qualified applicants to interview. The Hiring Manager or designee contacts the applicants to arrange an interview date and time.

Corrections Officer Pre-Employment Agility Test

All corrections officer applicants are required to complete a four-part endurance and agility test. The test is designed to evaluate if the applicantís strength and endurance meet the requirements needed for the position. Applicants must pass all four parts of the test to be considered eligible.

Push-up Test

This test measures the muscular strength/endurance of the upper body muscles in the shoulders, chest, and back of the upper arms (the triceps) used in high intensity self defense and arrest simulation training. This is important for use of force involving pushing motion breaking oneís fall to the ground, use of the baton, etc.

The push-up is conducted with the participant starting in the down position. A rater lies facing the participant with a four-inch cube placed under the participantís chest. The count begins when the participantís arms are straight with no bends at the elbows measured from the outside of the arm; upper arms are horizontal to the mat and finishes when the participant returns to a 90 degree angle at the elbows. (For example; down-up, counts as one push-up.) A correct push-up is performed when the participantís back is flat (NO arch or bow), the feet are together (one foot can be placed on the heel of the other or up to 1 foot apart), and the hands are shoulder width apart. Rest can only be done in the up position.

Females must successfully complete 2 push-ups. Males must successfully complete 12 push-ups.

Push up in raised position Push up in lowered position

One Minute Sit-up Test

This test measures the muscular strength/endurance of the abdominal muscles, which are used in self-defense and high intensity arrest-simulation training. Further these muscles are important for performing tasks that involve the use of force, and it helps maintain good posture and minimize lower back problems.

The sit-up is conducted with the participant lying on their back with knees bent to a 90-degree angle and the heels of their feet on the perimeter of a padded floor mat. A Spotter straddles the participantís feet holding the knees tightly. The participant will keep their arms crossed at all times during this test.

The Spotter will count every time the participantís elbows touch their knee. One full repetition starts with the participant in the up position. The participant then comes forward all the way to touch their knees with their elbow. Then back down to the mat. Rest can only be done in the up position.

Participants must successfully complete 12 sit-ups.

Sit up in raised position Sit up in lowered position

51 Meter Sprint Test

This test measures anaerobic capacity used in high intensity baton and defensive tactics training, and is important for performing short intense bursts of effort such as foot pursuits, rescues and use of force situations.

51 meters is equal to approximately 56 yards or 168 feet.

The sprint must be completed in 20 seconds or less.

Half Mile Run/Walk Test

This test is a measure of cardio-respiratory endurance (or aerobic capacity) used in extended control and defensive tactics training. This is important for performing tasks involving stamina and endurance (pursuits, searches, prolonged use of force situations, etc.) and for minimizing the risk of cardiovascular health problems.

Participants must successfully complete the .5 mile test in 6.5 minutes or less.

Scoring the Agility Test


Following interviews, the Hiring Manager selects the individual he/she identifies as the most suitable for the position. Prior to beginning employment, the applicant must successfully complete all pre-employment requirements that apply to the position which may include background investigation, drug testing, and medical screening.

The background investigation includes the applicant completing a background questionnaire. Click here (.doc or .pdf) to view the background questionnaire. Applicants should complete this questionnaire only after receiving instructions to do so from the Hiring Manager or Human Resources.