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Virginia Parole Board

Introduction to the Virginia Parole Board

The Virginia Parole Board was established by law in 1942 and the Board continues to be empowered by Virginia Code Section 53.1-136 to make the following decisions: The Board has the legal responsibility to act on geriatric requests for conditional release under Virginia Code
Section 53.1 - 40.01.

Following the Board's decision to grant an offender parole, the offender must agree to abide by specific conditions in return for the opportunity to serve the remainder of his or her sentence under supervision in the community. This contractual agreement between the Parole Board and an offender is parole. Parole supervision is carried out for the Virginia Parole Board by the probation and parole officers of the Virginia Department of Corrections.

Appointments to the Board

The Board is composed of five members appointed by the Governor to serve four-year terms. The General Assembly has given the Parole Board authority to grant parole, to deny parole, to detain parole violators, and to revoke parole.

Virginia Parole Board Members:
Karen D. Brown, Chair
Algie T. Howell, Jr., Vice-Chair
Minor F. Stone
Sherman P. Lea
A. Lincoln James

Victim Input Program

Virginia Code Section: 53.1-155. Investigation prior to release. The Board shall endeavor diligently to contact the victim prior to making any decision to release any inmate on discretionary parole.

If you are the victim of a crime, family member of a crime victim, or a concerned citizen, you may wish to have some input into the parole consideration of the convicted individual. You may also wish to know when the offender will be eligible for such parole consideration and his or her scheduled release date. The Virginia Parole Board’s Victim Input Program entitles and encourages you to make your views known, as well as request information on the parole status of an individual.

View the Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the Victim Input Program


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Additional Information

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