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Virginia Department of Corrections — Public Safety First

Facts and Figures

The documents in each section below are provided as .pdf, .doc or .xls files

PREA Annual Report

2013, 2014, 2015, 2016

PREA Audit Reports

Bureau of Justice Statistics — Survey of Sexual Victimization

2012, 2013, 2014

Management Information Summary - Annual Reports

FY 2016, FY 2015, FY 2014, FY 2013, FY 2012, FY 2011, FY 2010, FY 2009, FY 2008, FY 2007, FY 2006, FY 2005, FY 2004

Offender Population Data

Monthly Population Summaries

Offender Population Trends

Offender Population Forecasts

The Secretary of Public Safety is responsible for producing an annual forecast of the number of inmates, adult and juvenile, for whom the state has responsibility. The Secretary must also estimate the number of inmates for whom localities are responsible. These forecasts are essential to estimating future capital needs and operating expenses for prisons, jails and juvenile correctional centers.

These forecasts are produced by three committees using a consensus method. A technical committee employs quantitative methods to make projections based upon past trends and patterns.The forecasts with the best set of statistical properties are recommended by the Technical Advisory Committee for consideration by the Policy-Technical Liaison Work Group. Chaired by the Deputy Secretary of Public Safety, the Liaison Work Group members include deputy directors and senior managers of criminal justice and budget agencies as well as staff of the House Appropriations and Senate Finance Committees. This Work Group provides guidance and oversight for the Technical Advisory Committee, discusses detailed aspects of the projections, and directs technical staff to provide additional data needed for decision making. The Liaison Work Group examines projections presented by the technical committee. A policy committee reviews policy issues that are likely to affect future inmate populations.

The Policy Advisory Committee is chaired by the Secretary of Public Safety and is comprised of representatives from Virginia’s executive, legislative and judicial branches, and local and state law enforcement. Their diverse backgrounds and experiences promote broad discussions of numerous issues in criminal justice. It is the responsibility of the Policy Advisory Committee to discuss those issues that they feel may impact incarcerated populations in the future. Committee discussions include such subjects as the expected level and type of crime in the future, parole grant rates, sentencing guidelines and expected rates of recidivism. Ultimately, the committee will select a scenario it considers the most likely to occur.

The Technical Advisory Committee is chaired by the Deputy Director, Virginia Criminal Sentencing Commission. This committee is comprised of technical experts from the Department of Corrections, Department of Criminal Justice Services, Department of Juvenile Justice, Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission, Virginia Criminal Sentencing Commission, Supreme Court and private research organizations.

Report on the Offender Population Forecasts: FY2017 – FY2022

Recidivism Studies

State Recidivism Comparison December 2016

VADOC Recidivism Summary September 2016

Recidivism at a Glance September 2016

Mental Health and Recidivism: A Comparison of the FY 2009, FY2010, and FY2011 SR Release Cohorts

Recidivism at a Glance September 2015

Recidivism at a Glance August 2014

Comparison of FY 2007 & FY 2008 SR Release Recidivism Rates by Gender and Other Characteristics, May 2014

Recidivism at a Glance February 2013

Recidivism Trend FY 1990 – FY 2006, March 2011

With the implementation of Virginia Corrections Information System (VACORIS), the Research, Policy, and Planning Unit has rebuilt the offender population data used for analysis. These rebuilt data streams adhere to documented data definitions and better reflect actual population figures than previously released data. Using the rebuilt data extracted from VACORIS, R&F issued a FY1990 – FY2006 Recidivism Trend Report to replace previously published recidivism reports. Future detailed Recidivism reports will be developed using data from VACORIS and will be posted as available.

Offender Demographics

SR Offender Demographic Profile FY 2014, May 2016

SR Confined Offender Profile FY 2010 – FY 2014: Parole Eligibility, Geriatric Release Eligibility and Parole Violators, July 2015

SR Offender Demographic Profile FY 2013, November 2014

SR Offender Demographic Profile FY 2012, May 2013

SR Confined Offender Profile: Parole Eligibility, Parole Violators, Geriatric Release Eligibility FY 2011 & Beyond, April 2012

SR Confined Offender Profile: Parole Eligibility, Parole Violators, Geriatric Release Eligibility & Releases to Parole FY 2006 – FY 2010, June 2011

Other Reports & Studies

Judicial Mapping Project, September 2017

State Responsible (SR) Releases by Committing Court for the Offender's Most Serious Offense, February 2017

Judicial Mapping Project, January 2016

Geriatric Offenders within the SR Population, September 2015

Probation Violators within the SR Offender Populations, December 2014

Preliminary Evaluation of VADOC Faith-Based Programs, November 2014

Geriatric Offenders within the SR Population, July 2014

Judicial Mapping Project, April 2014

Preliminary Evaluation of VADOC Faith-Based Programs, October 2013