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Corrections Private Management Act

Code Section (on external website) 53.1-5 is the governing authority from which the Board establishes administrative procedures under the auspices of the following Standard pertaining to private management and operation of prison facilities:

Regulations for Private Management and Operation of Prison Facilities (on an external website: 6VAC15-45) ensure that minimum standards for the administration and operation of private prisons are met, and that basic services, programs, and conditions in private prisons are comparable with state facilities. It also provides for administrative regulations governing contract termination, access to the facilities and other agreements regarding the relationship between the Commonwealth and the vendors.

Certification Regulations (on an external website 6VAC-15-20). All correctional programs and facilities operate under minimum standards that are designed to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of staff and offenders within a correctional setting. The Regulations Governing Certification and Inspection serve as a necessary enforcement mechanism in monitoring the minimum standards so that local jails, state correctional facilities, residential centers, probation and parole offices and other correctional programs and facilities may be evaluated through a uniform process and be certified as efficient and safe

The Regulations for Private Management and Operation of Prison Facilities, as well as the Certification Regulations, guide the departmental audits of private prison facilities. Audits are performed on a three-year cycle.

To see the specific Code sections referencing the Board of Corrections' responsibilities as set out in Chapter 15 of Title 53.1, please refer to the following:

REF: (links to external website) 53.1-262; 53-1.266

The Department contracts with (on external website) The Geo Group, Inc. (formerly Wackenhut Corrections Corporation) to operate the Lawrenceville Correctional Center, the state’s only privately-managed facility.