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Virginia Correctional Enterprises (VCE)

Virginia Correctional Enterprises (VCE) is a work program established over Seventy-five (75) years ago by the General Assembly. Inmates working for VCE in prison jobs produce goods or services for sale to state agencies and other entities within government that are supported in part or whole by funds of the Commonwealth.

A large number of skills related to the manufacturing process including upholstery, furniture building, printing, and commercial laundry are transferable to the real jobs upon release from prison. A viable job upon release has proven to reduce the likelihood of returning to criminal behavior.

The Prison Industry Enhancement (PIE) program enables private businesses to partner with VCE in the manufacturing process within the facilities of the Department of Corrections using inmate labor. Inmates working in PIE jobs are paid minimum or prevailing wages (whichever is higher) and are required to pay court costs, restitution, child support, and a portion of prison housing costs from their earnings.

Joint ventures in manufacturing between VCE and private entities increase the quality and value of VCE products while expanding the market for community businesses.

Read more (on external website) about Virginia Correctional Enterprises product lines and contact information. Who Can Buy from VCE? All products and services are for taxpayer supported and nonprofit organizations only. Read about the value of VCE to inmates and citizens.