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Work Release

The Department of Corrections offers a work release program (Jail Contract Bed Work Release - "JCW") for prisoners who are nearing completion of their sentence and who meet specific eligibility criteria. Work release provides opportunities for supervised and gradual reintegration to the community. The program is available to male and female inmates housed in Department of Corrections institutions. Once approved for work release, offender will be transferred to one of thirty local jails to participate in the program.

The primary goal of this program is to provide work opportunities in a location close to where inmates will parole or be released. This enhances the inmates' chance for successful reintegration into their community. Inmates with out-of-state parole plans may also be considered for work release.

Eligibility Criteria:

How to Apply:

(View FY 2001 Jail Contract Bed Program Report in the Facts and Figures Section)

For many years the Department of Corrections operated several work release facilities throughout the Commonwealth. Beginning in 1997, through cooperative agreements with local jails in the state, eligible Department of Corrections inmates were placed into local jail work release programs and the Department of Corrections closed the few remaining state operated facilities.

The Department's Compliance &anp; Accreditation Unit negotiates and manages agreements with jails, while the Offender Management Services Unit processes and reviews inmate applications for participation in the Jail Contract Bed Work Release program.