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Work Release

There are two types of work release opportunities that exist for Virginia Department of Correctional offenders. For DOC offenders housed at the jail, there is sheriff or jail requested work release. This program allows for DOC offenders to serve their DOC sentences at the jail in the work release program. Secondly, for offenders housed in Virginia Department of Corrections’ facilities, there is DOC work release, which the offenders can request through their counselors.  If approved for work release, these offenders will be sent to a jail to participate in work release. As the DOC has contracts with several jails across the state, we attempt to place offenders in jails close to their home plans. As most jails have work opportunities with various companies, we will also look to place offenders in jails with the best work opportunities at the time. The Virginia Department of Corrections’ work release program is a vital component of offender re-entry and enhances the chances for successful reintegration into the community. Offenders with out-of-state release will also be considered for work release.

General Eligibility Criteria:

Jail or Sheriff Requested Work Release:

DOC Work Release:

* Class level II may be considered at the discretion of the DOC Offender Management Services Unit