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Inmate Intake and Classification

These activities ensure inmates are received and assigned to the appropriate facilities based on security needs. This is accomplished by determining release dates through time computation, proper record retention and maintenance, continuous assessment of behavioral and therapeutic developments and the appropriate assignment of inmates through population management.

Inmate Intake

Inmate Intake directs the reception of inmates from jails into the State’s prison system and is the first point of contact with DOC for most state responsible inmates. Inmate movements from local jails into a DOC reception center are monitored, tracked, and scheduled.

Once an inmate is determined to be state responsible a state identification number (Inmate Number) is issued and the inmate’s sentencing information is forwarded to Court and Legal Services for calculation of anticipated release dates. (View Guidelines for Intake and Time Computation)


Classification consists of appraisal of inmate security levels, control and therapeutic needs and placement in various program assignments. The driving forces behind all classification decisions are offense, length of sentence and behavior. (View Security Level Assignments)

Time Computation

Time Computation determines eligibility dates for parole and release through time computation management. A court order must be received from the sentencing court in order to begin to process an inmate’s time. Inmate sentences are determined by the courts and can be affected by the Code of Virginia and DOC policies and procedures. Considering all determining factors, time is calculated based on the amount of time an inmate must serve on a sentence and projects all applicable release dates. (View Guidelines for Intake and Time Computation)

Treatment Planning

Upon reception into the prison system, inmates receive a battery of tests and/or interviews to identify their security and treatment programming needs. Based on these needs, the inmate's counselor develops a written Treatment Plan outlining programs that are needed by the inmate. An inmate's progress towards meeting his/her Treatment Plan goals is evaluated and documented once per year, with the plan updated as needed. (View Inmate Programs and Services)