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Notice to Department of Corrections Vendors

The Virginia Department of Corrections (VADOC) highly values its vendors and appreciates the outstanding service they provide the VADOC. Our goal is to treat our vendors fairly and with respect.

Vendors sometime seek to express their appreciation for the VADOCís business through gifts, especially during the holiday season. The best way for vendors to show their appreciation, however, is by continuing to provide high-quality goods and excellent, reliable services at the best possible prices. In many ways the VADOC operates like any other business, but the fact remains that it is an agency of the Commonwealth of Virginia. The Commonwealth does not solicit or accept any donation, gift, grant, or contract without the written approval of the Governor except under written guidelines issued by the Governor which provide for the solicitation and acceptance of non-general funds (2008 Appropriation Act, 4-2.01.a.) Monetary or non-monetary sponsorships exceeding nominal value by vendors in support of conferences and other events are considered donations and must comply with the 2008 Appropriation Act, 4-2.01.a. In addition, vendors and employees of the Commonwealth are prohibited from exchanging anything exceeding nominal value at expo events, which includes distributions by vendors at exhibit booths where the vendors are educating buyers about their products.

Due to these considerations, employees of the Department of Corrections do not accept gifts of any kind from vendors. We greatly appreciate your understanding and support of this policy. For additional information into how the Commonwealth of Virginia does business with vendors, see the Commonwealth of Virginia Vendors Manual (an external site).