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Learn more about the following resources and services our staff at the Virginia Department of Corrections makes available to the general public.

Freedom of Information Act Requests

Learn how to file an information request using the Freedom of Information Act.

Inmate Locator

Search for an incarcerated inmate under state custody.

Most Wanted

View the fugitives on our Most Wanted list.

Operating Procedures

Review our agency policies and procedures.

Population Reports

View the monthly summaries and other trend reports that highlight the inmate population under state custody.

Prison Rape Elimination Act Reports

Our staff conducts regular reports to ensure compliance with the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA). View the findings in this section.


Learn how to conduct business with the Virginia Department of Corrections by reviewing our procurement procedures.

Reports and Publications

View our administrative and operational reports.

Virginia Bonding Program

Learn more about how the Virginia Bonding Program can help hard-to-place job seekers find stable employment and how employers can use the Virginia Bonding Program to gain peace of mind in their hiring process.

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