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Our team at the Virginia Department of Corrections (VADOC) supports victims of crime by providing timely notification of offender updates.

Register for Notifications

As a victim of crime Code of Virginia §19.2-11.01, you can register to receive notifications on an offender's status.

Please note that the VADOC's notification service through the Victim Information and Notification Everyday (VINE) system is not connected to VINE notifications at local jails. You will need to register directly with the VADOC to receive notifications about offenders under state custody. Learn more in this printable brochure and FAQ sheet.

Sign up by completing the following steps:

Complete the Form

Fill out the Victim Notification form.

The form is also available in Spanish.

fill out the form

Send the finished form by:


Virginia Department of Corrections
Attention: Victim Services
P.O. Box 26963
Richmond, VA 23225


(804) 674-3054
Attention: Victim Services

If you need help with registering, call our office at 1 (800) 560-4292.
This service is completely confidential. We will never release your contact information and registration to offenders under any circumstances.

Discontinue Notifications

If you would like to stop receiving notifications, please submit your request in writing to our office:

Virginia Department of Corrections
Victim Services

P.O. Box 26963
Richmond, VA 23261

Types of Notifications

When you register for notifications, you will receive updates of an offender's:

  • Transfer to another VADOC facility

    This is when an offender is permanently moved to another prison, jail, hospital, or court. Transfers that do not require overnight location changes are not included. The transfer notification will be sent once the transfer is complete. No advance notice of transfer will be provided.

  • Advanced release

    This is the anticipated release date of the offender, typically provided 30 days in advance. If the date changes, we will send another advanced release notification.

  • Release date

    This is when an offender is no longer in VADOC custody. After an offender is released, notifications will no longer be provided.

  • Death

    This is when an offender dies in custody.

  • Name change

    This is when an offender changes their legal name in circuit court.

  • Work release status

    This is if an offender is allowed to go to work each day and return to custody when their shift is complete. Victims should make a safety plan if necessary. If the offender is located at a local jail, we recommend you register with the Virginia Jail VINE system for additional updates.

  • Escape

    This is when an offender unlawfully absconds from VADOC custody.

  • Recapture

    This is when an offender is arrested and in VADOC custody again.

  • Parole interview

    This is when an offender is eligible for parole and is scheduled for a parole interview or hearing.

  • Parole decision

    This is when the Virginia Parole Board makes a decision about whether or not to grant the offender parole.

Other Notification Services

Agencies outside of the VADOC also provide notification services for victims of crime. Learn more about their programs:

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