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Corrective Action

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Corrective Action

Cognitive Program
  • Description

    The Corrective Actions journal series guides participants through an evaluation of the criminal values that have influenced their lives and helps them weigh the consequences of living a life based on criminal values versus responsible values. The Corrective Actions Series assists people through the stages of change, providing the appropriate processes along the way. Special emphasis is placed on the unaware (pre-contemplative) and raising of concern (contemplative) stages. Inmates are encouraged to examine eight basic thinking errors that lead to criminal behavior. It stresses the importance of changing the way people think as the key to changing their feelings and behavior. Journal topics include: My Change Plan, The Con Game, Thinking Errors, Values for Responsible Living, Making Changes, Preparing for Change, and Lessons Learned.

  • Length of Program

    Two lessons per journal

  • Eligibility

    Inmates returning to general population after transitioning from a special housing setting

  • Locations Available

    Disclaimer: Program availability is subject to change. For the most up to date offerings, please contact facilities or offices directly.

    • Marion Correctional Treatment Center

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