Aggression Alternative Skills

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Aggression Alternative Skills

Cognitive Program
  • Description

    This program focuses on how to effectively deal with feelings of anger, along with further practice in applying cognitive self-change and aggression replacement skills to identified problem situations.

  • Length of Program

    13 class sessions

  • Eligibility

    Requires counselor referral. Priority given to offenders with demonstrated needs in anger management and negative thought processes.

  • Locations Available

    Disclaimer: Program availability is subject to change. For the most up to date offerings, please contact facilities or offices directly.

    • Augusta Correctional Center

    • Caroline Correctional Unit

    • Central Virginia Correctional Unit #13

    • Deerfield Correctional Center

    • Green Rock Correctional Center

    • Greensville Correctional Center

    • Haynesville Correctional Center

    • Keen Mountain Correctional Center

    • Lawrenceville Correctional Center

    • Lunenburg Correctional Center

    • Marion Correctional Treatment Center

    • Norfolk

    • Pocahontas State Correctional Center

    • Rustburg Correctional Unit

    • St. Brides Correctional Center

    • State Farm Correctional Center

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