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Substance Abuse – Recovery Maintenance

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Substance Abuse – Recovery Maintenance

Cognitive Program
  • Description

    The Recovery Maintenance journal provides participants with the tools to develop a thorough Recovery Maintenance Plan. Participants will be able to identify warning signs and problematic thoughts which support substance-using behavior. These tools will help the participants maintain sobriety and break the pattern of substance abusing behavior. Recovery Maintenance reinforces positive growth and assists participants in not relapsing back into criminogenic and substance using behaviors.

  • Length of Program

    Four classes

  • Eligibility

    Those who are within six months of release and who score probable or higher on the COMPAS Reentry Substance Abuse scale and probable or higher on the risk scale. Participant must have completed the Substance Abusing Behaviors journal.

  • Locations Available

    Disclaimer: Program availability is subject to change. For the most up to date offerings, please contact facilities or offices directly.

    • Nottoway Work Center

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