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Close-up of a woman wearing a blue, disposable medical mask.
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Virginia Department of Corrections Masking Policy Update

April 08, 2022

The Virginia Department of Corrections (VADOC) is pleased to announce a new update to its masking policy for staff, inmates, and probationers in correctional facilities. Masks are now optional, provided the facility has no positive cases of COVID-19 amongst inmates or probationers. Masks are still required in VADOC visitation areas for all staff, inmates and probationers, and visitors.

The Department’s new policy also states that masks will become mandatory for all personnel if a facility has three positive cases. Masking may also be reinstated if there are confirmed staff cases, high rates of wastewater contamination with COVID-19, or high levels of community transmission around the facility.

The update follows recent changes for staff and inmates that made masks optional when working outside the security perimeter of their facility and for staff and contractors working at administrative location and in probation and parole districts.

Masks remain mandatory in the following instances:

The Department encourages all staff and contractors to continue to self-monitor. Staff and contractors are required to stay home if infected.

VADOC will continue to watch for COVID-19 in all facilities and many other infection prevention measures remain in place to ensure the continued safety of our staff, inmates/probationers, supervisees, and visitors.

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